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November 3, 2011

This Is A Message Worth Listening To

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This is a message worth listening to, from the second hour of Glenn Beck’s radio broadcast on October 25, 2011.

Watching this video is more moving than listening to the audio, which is more moving than reading the transcript. However, I believe it is so important that I have created a transcript, which follows:

In this last break, I was just talking to Pat, and Pat said, “Glenn, I’m beginning to wonder about some things because I see the stress that is on you.” And I said, “look, the stress that is on me is, I can loose everything on me, but I truely believe that I am being told to do things that are beyond my ability and my understanding, and I may end up quickly pennyless. It’s OK. I have stress in my life because I don’t want to lose it because of my stupidity or arrigance. I am totally fine losing it because that’s what He wanted. It’s fine. But not because I misread. Not because I did something wrong. We’re all going to be in the same boat. We’re all going to lose it. All of us, well, not George Soros. The world is profoundly changing, and unless you are at the top of the food chain, which I’m not, and you’re not, must likely, you’re not going to have it left. That’s OK. That’s OK. But, we have to do the right thing. My family… not me…. my family has sacrificed an enourmous amount so I can say the things I do. Not me, my family has. My family is in jeoprody… I don’t say these things lightly. I… … … beg you… to hear me. This always ends the same way. I beg you… to be stronger than you are today. I beg you… to clear out the crap in your life. I beg you to put your life in order. I beg you to think the unthinkable, because the unthinkable is here, and it accelerates from here. I humbly ask you if I may stand at your side, if I may…. help hold your arms up, so you don’t give up, that you put the things together in your own community to be of help and service to others. I humbly ask you…. for your prayers. But I…. can’t tell you any more, how imperitive it is that you make the committment to change your life today… today….

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