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December 22, 2011

Dirty Harry – Listen Up

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Playing politics is not good for the American people.

Dirty Harry Reid’s two-month extension is a joke!

Dirty Harry

December 20, 2011

The Twelve Days of Obama – an Obama Christmas Carol

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The Twelve Days of Obama – an Obama Christmas Carol

December 5, 2011

An understatement: Congress screwed you in Sept. 2008!

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I am sick. I’m ready to vomit! All from listening about how the REAL 1%, the Congressmen and Senators did legal insider trading in 2008 and made TON of money on the stock market at the time when the 99% of us non-Congressmen lost our shirt and our life-savings. If the Congressmen hadn’t set up the laws with this loophole, they would be strung up and hung for what they did. If you get GBTV, watch the 2nd hour from 12/5/2011, 6PM EST, but make sure a barf-bag is close by.

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