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August 9, 2012

Good Bye Obama

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The Obama oligarchy thought they had the power by casting that illusion to the public. But they were wrong! Traditional Americans OUTNUMBER them and we are now awake. Like Glenn Beck recently said, we have won! We just need to finish the game!

Every day now, we are seeing more indications of their tower crumbling:

blatantly lying campaign ads;
loss of voters supporting the Obama campaign;
questions about what is hidden in Obama’s sealed college records;
citizenship in Indonesia where he went to school;
Delphi non-union pension terminations;
realization of the true goal of “fast and furious” conspiracy.

When we evict Obama this fall, we need to make sure to get rid of his progressive cohorts in the Senate, House, and administration; including Marxists, communists, Muslim brotherhood infiltrations, and other corrupt complicit criminals.

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