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June 6, 2013

Bill of Rights don’t belong to us, we are the Guardians of them

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There are times, while listening to Glenn Beck radio show, I get the gut-feeling that the words I am hearing are inspired by God. Today was one of those times, during his 2nd hour radio show:

Who are they arming over in Syria? Who are they protecting here? Who did they just have the Justice Department give a talk about in Tennessee, that you can claim civil rights abuses if someone insults the prophet Mohomed? That’s our Justice Department. They’re on the wrong side, guys. So don’t tell me that it doesn’t violate your rights. If somebody has truely violated the rights of a Muslim, we must stand with that Muslim. If somebody is truley violating a right of search and seisure, a right of free speach, a right to practice your religion as you see fit, to follow your concience, we have a responsibility to stand with them. We must stand with them. Because any violation against any American citizen, no matter if you agree or disagree with them, any violation is a violation of your civil rights. Now this is the very case that the President made, but he didn’t mean it. During the election, he made a great speach, where he said if somebody is scooped up in the middle of the night and taken, without charge, and just held, without charge, that’s a violation of all our civil rights, and the crowd cheared.¬† Where is he now? Where is he now? If somebody scoops up all of my neighbors information because they are on Verison, and just gathers all that information, it is a violation of my civil rights as well. I’m telling you, America, we are the civil rights leaders of this day. Accept your position, accept your role, square your shoulders, stand up, link arms. This is going to be a real shlog. Some of us will not make it to the end, as they used t say, because this is a long , long journey to the end of the road. But man will be free, as long as people understand the Bill or Rights. It was given to us, yes, by man, and flawed men, but it was inspired by God. Those Rights don’t belong to you,you are merely a guardian of those Rights,for our children and our grandchildren, of all color, of all races, of all theological backgrounds. You are a guardian and a steward. Recognize what time it is, recognize why you have been born, where you have been born. You have been given much, and believe¬† me, much is required, not just expected.

Hear it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMFlHaYT1Do

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