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February 22, 2014

What is a conservative?

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This is a transcription of 4 minutes near the end of the 3rd hour of Glenn Beck’s radio program on Thursday, Feb 20, 2014.  It is a great discussion of terms like “conservative” and how it means different things to different people.

Glenn Beck:  That’s what they do.  They just change the name and keep going.  I’m looking for something else.  You see, this is why I have a problem saying I’m conservative.  I’m a conservative constitutionalists, I am a small-government conservative, because there could be conservatives who are big-government.  And, Mike Huckabee is.  He is for conservative traditional family values, and that is what people hear when they hear conservative.

Pat Gray:  He is about family values, but he is not conservative politically.

Glenn Beck:  I’m telling you that it is mislabeled as liberal used to be.  Conservative has become this catch-all that means too many things to too many people.  And so he can say, “I am a conservative.” That’s not clear enough anymore.  It’s like, “I’m a liberal.”  I know liberals that I can get along with.  I can get along with liberals.  I “can’t” get along with big-government progressive liberals.  And so, he might be a conservative, he might not be a conservative, but the label means too many things to too many people.  Conservatives, you can say, “I’m for family values, I’m for traditional Christian values, whatever, I’m a conservative.  Well, but where do you stand on government and the size of government.  And too many times we allow “conservative” to mean “small government.”  It doesn’t necessarily mean that by the people saying it.  So we have to go for that extra ounce of clarification.  I see your point on conservatism.

Pat Gray:  They can say they’re anything.  It doesn’t mean they are, because to me, and I think to most people, conservatism means small government.

Glenn Beck: It does, but John McCain, Lindsey Graham, they all say that.  But they say they are.  And so, what I’m saying is, you’ve got the right definition of conservatism, you have that.  But the American people do not have it, because they hear people like John McCain saying, “I’m a conservative”, and they’re like, “OK, I don’t want that, I don’t want that.”  And so it makes your values, when they identify you as a conservative, it makes your values look like his.  They’ve co-opted, that is what progressives do. They’ve co-opted the term.  So I know nobody wants to abandon the term, but until you can re-brand it, like we have “liberal” and “progressive”, it is important.  I’ve heard somebody on the air the other day, maybe it was Rush, I don’t remember who it was, but they stopped, they said “liberal” … uh “progressive”, this is a progressive.  I thought to myself, “good!”  There is a difference, and people are starting to see that.  And, unless you can. . .  They always shift change.  Always.  They’re shape-shifters. And they hide under rocks and labels, and they cloak themselves.  So, expose them.  And, at the same time, if you are defining yourself as something the rest of the country thinks is Haley Barbour, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, you’re going to lose.  Because, people associate that term with them.  And I know that’s wrong, but that’s the perception, and in the game of politics and P.R., perception is reality. And so the perception is, you’re Lindsey Graham, you’re John McCain.  No, I’m not.  How do you think we’re labeled as hate-mongers, bigots, “you’re just a Republican shill.”  Because when you say you’re a conservative, so is John Boehner.  And people don’t spend the time to listen.  You’ve got to separate the labels.  You got to separate the labels.



February 20, 2014

Glenn Beck’s Morning Prayer, Feb. 19, 2014

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IF you watch Glenn Beck on cable or TheBlaze/TV, you probably know that he ends the show with a video of the Morning Prayer that he or one on his staff has given that morning before they started the day. These Prayers, in themselves, are worth the price of the subscription to TheBlaze/TV. Transcribed by me, so any transcription errors are mine.

Our Heavenly Father, we come before thee today. We are grateful for our day, we are grateful for our safety, we are grateful for our freedom. We are grateful, Lord, for all that you have given us. We have a country that is trouble, Lord, and her people are asleep. So many have woken up, so many are fighting the good fight, but we are approaching times where the arms of men are of no use. We need to see some miracles, Lord, we need your help. Only you will be able to do this. We are at a place now, Lord, that no man will be able to deny thatit was you and claim credit themselves. Please help this family. Please help Justina, her father and her mother. Please help us do the right thing. Help us see the path that …. Fill us with the words that you would have us speak, and only those words, and stop us on everything else. Clean this company out, Lord, of all of it’s cobwebs and any bit of darkness in any corner. Clean this company out so we may be a vessel of pure light, so we may do thy will. We ask these things. We beg these things in your holy name. Amen.

February 18, 2014

Morning Prayer, February 18, 2014

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Morning prayer given by Glenn Beck on the morning of 2/18/2014 in New York, New York.

Heavenly father, we come before thee, we are grateful for this day, grateful for all things he had in store for us today, and all things we have to learn and people we have to meet. We’re grateful for the things we can accomplish, Lord. We’re grateful for the miracles that are beyond our control, that we can trust that you will deliver for us. We are grateful Lord, for the great state of Texas, that doesn’t have snow today, and we’re also grateful for New York, and we would you Lord to keep people safe, especially all those communing in and flying in and out around the country. We love thee, and we praise thee. Help us stay optimistic and help us say and do the things that will bring light to the world, and we say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

February 11, 2014

February 10, 2014 Prayer

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Morning prayer given by Glenn Beck on the morning of his 50th birthday 2/10/2014 in Dallas, Texas.

Heavenly father, we come before thee with gratitude and amazement for your hand in our lives.  Lord, we also would ask that you would prosper our business that we may have a strong voice and set a strong example of good and goodness.  We know that life is what we make of it and we are grateful for that knowledge.  We are grateful for thy word.  We are grateful for the scriptures and all those who fought and died so we may be able to read those words.  Let us bring those words into our heart.  We are grateful, Lord, for this day and for our families and we ask for these blessings and to have joy planted into our heart.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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