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February 20, 2014

Glenn Beck’s Morning Prayer, Feb. 19, 2014

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IF you watch Glenn Beck on cable or TheBlaze/TV, you probably know that he ends the show with a video of the Morning Prayer that he or one on his staff has given that morning before they started the day. These Prayers, in themselves, are worth the price of the subscription to TheBlaze/TV. Transcribed by me, so any transcription errors are mine.

Our Heavenly Father, we come before thee today. We are grateful for our day, we are grateful for our safety, we are grateful for our freedom. We are grateful, Lord, for all that you have given us. We have a country that is trouble, Lord, and her people are asleep. So many have woken up, so many are fighting the good fight, but we are approaching times where the arms of men are of no use. We need to see some miracles, Lord, we need your help. Only you will be able to do this. We are at a place now, Lord, that no man will be able to deny thatit was you and claim credit themselves. Please help this family. Please help Justina, her father and her mother. Please help us do the right thing. Help us see the path that …. Fill us with the words that you would have us speak, and only those words, and stop us on everything else. Clean this company out, Lord, of all of it’s cobwebs and any bit of darkness in any corner. Clean this company out so we may be a vessel of pure light, so we may do thy will. We ask these things. We beg these things in your holy name. Amen.

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